How do light bouquets work?

The branch bouquets come in a single 56 inch UL certified electrical cord, which you just plug in! You can bend and form the branches to suit your personal taste.

I have heard that some light flower bouquets are inferior quality and don't always work. How do I know I am getting a quality product?

Our light flower bouquets and branches are the original Lighted Elements lighted flower and branch bouquets from THAILAND – the highest quality lighted bouquets available. As an added assurance, we check every branch before it leaves our warehouse, so you can be assured that the bouquet you receive is the highest quality available on the market.

Do you have battery operated bouquets?

Battery operated bouquets (for weddings and special occasions) are available. Please call our distributer for inventory of LED available.

How long do the bulbs last?

AActive running time should be 6-8 hours at time. 1-2 years depending on use.

Do you have any ideas for displaying the flowers?

Lighted Flower bouquets and branches can be used as a component in almost any kind of dry display. Mix with seasonal silk flowers, crystal stems or feathers to create a signature look

Do I have to use a vase with a hole in it for the wire?

most folks simply train the wire down the back of the vase where it is hidden. We also carry our mango wood vase outfitted with a small hole in the back to run the cord if you prefer (Code:501-MW)

Are the bulbs replaceable ?

Yes, Each flower comes with 3 replacement bulbs and a fuse. The fuse box is on the side of the plug a small compartment that slides open to place fuse into. All bulbs can be easily replaced by simply pulling out gently, like outdoor Christmas lights. When placing the new one in make sure metal filaments are lined and gently push. LED bulbs are non-replaceable and non-removable please contact customer service for assistance 1-866-604-1005

Can I use them outside ?

These flower lights are meant for indoor use; use outside only in a covered environment as the material is all natural.

If I want to add some of the beaded or crystal sprays, how many do I need ?

As a rule of thumb, we suggest no fewer than two for a small bouquet and no fewer than 3 for a large bouquet. It’s really a matter of personal taste!

Are the flowers returnable?

Customer must contact Lighted Elements and request to issue an RMA at 1-866-604-1005